Cinematography By Caleb Johnston.

Moments (2022) is a fantasy self portrait reflecting the depths of Johnston’s psyche.

“Originally what I was aiming to portray was just that your bathroom mirror sees the truest reflection of you, in a way that even your closest loved ones can’t. It sees you get ready for the weddings and the funerals, it sees you at your career highest and your all time low. This inanimate object sees it ALL.

However once the full film came together I realised that it’s more of a reflection of my mind, spirit and reality. I found 2021 so heavy and there’s this chaotic calmness to the film that sort of reflects how I was feeling day to day. There was an image of me bloodied, beaten and hysterical, corresponding with the condition I felt my spiritual self had been left in. Then there’s the images of my wife and daughter; both of which do not exist, but I’d be lying if I said that I do not have an increasing awareness of my future family.

And finally there’s the voiceover of my loving earthly father, who doesn’t stand a chance of being able to see me to those depths (through no fault of his own). On that note, I think I accidentally painted a picture of life moving on without my dad. Which was a heavy thing for my mum to watch and a surreal experience for my dad to watch too. But we all kind of accepted it? And acknowledge that one day in hopefully the very very very distant future, I will have this piece of art that connects me to my dad when he’s gone.” - Caleb Johnston.


Caleb, played by Caleb Johnston.

Father, played by Jamal Johnston.

Wife, played by Corinne Furman.

Daughter, played by Sofia.

Mother, played by Brenda Johnston.

Shot on the Panasonic S1H & Nikkor AI’s.